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Outsourcing Payroll – What is It and What are its benefits?

outsourcing payroll

Before learning what outsourcing payroll is, first you need to know what outsourcing is. In this day and age, various businesses have been engaged in various outsourcing services because they find it more cost efficient and effective this way. What outsourcing means is that businesses form partnerships with suppliers and contractors. By working with contractors outside of the business, also referred to as outsourcing, it allows businesses to do more effectively and efficiently. With outsourcing payroll, it simply means that a business trusts an outside contractor or company to handle payroll processes for them.

Why outsourcing payroll?

While payroll processes is a necessity in every business, it doesn’t mean that every business are capable of handling it themselves. There are various factors that a company decides on outsourcing some processes in their business, which also includes payroll processes. It saves money and time, reducing the need for an in-house payroll staff, maintaining the proper software packages, purchasing and even staying compliant with the updated PAYE legislation. The cost effectiveness of outsourcing payroll entirely depends on the complexity of the payroll requirements of the business.

The service degree of outsourcing payroll varies. Some of the supplies provide the barebones service the others also get to deal with all those that are involved, including the one that liaises with the HRMC and at the same time maintaining in full compliance without having the main organization having to deal with the payroll processes.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

First, it will free up a lot of your time from the time-consuming processes when you do the payroll processes yourself. It can free up the time for the staff to do such things and they get to focus more on activities that are more valuable to the company like with revenue-generation. One of the prominent magazines has published that the number one task among small businesses is outsourcing payroll, together with a lot of accounting tasks.

It also reduces the costs with processing payroll. The direct costs of it are quite high when you compare it with outsourcing. It may look impossible, but various research show that small business that has 10 employees spends around $2,600 annually with direct costs of labour linked with payroll. Some would even say that hiring a part time bookkeeper would still cost more, so they prefer outsourcing payroll services.

Businesses also get to avoid the IRS penalties. According with IRS, around 40 percent of the small business pays the average penalty of $845 annually due to incorrect or late payments and filings. Most national services I payroll provide the tax guarantee, which ensures customers will not incur penalties since the providers are taking responsibility for the penalties when it does happen. In a lot of instances, the cost-saving part of outsourcing payroll justifies it all.

It also alleviate pain, too. Payroll done manually can be stressful and a pain to do. In the best case that is what you will only receive, but nightmare can be your gift when it is the worst. Business owners that outsource their payroll eliminate those stressful hours.