Content Writing

Is it okay to Outsource Content Writing of Your Business?

Content writing is not an easy task, but it is crucial for every marketing success as this would be your weapon to compete with your competitors. The higher quality of content you can write and blog, the more likely you will become authority in your chosen niche or topic. Now the question is – is it a good idea to outsource this to someone else or just do it in-house?

The answer to this difficult question really depends on lot of factors, first is the topic or industry. There are certain industries/topics that are very technical and really hard to understand such as lawyers, insurance, debts, credit card, finance, banking, mortgage and so on, just to mention a few. My point is if you are the business owner, you understand these and for sure you can write a comprehensive article in just few hours of typing, because this is your specialty. But what about your newly hired content writer who only knows how to write limited topics that are not hard to understand, of course he or she will have to understand the topic first before he could write a great masterpiece.

Now there you will see the second problem which is, not all business owners have the time to write for their own website content because they are busy with other important priorities to run the business smoothly, that’s where they decide to hire in house content writer or just outsource this to some sort of content writing agencies or services online, but again don’t expect that the quality of the articles they will write will be superb like what kind of material that you can produce.

It is really a difficult decision to make, but then again, it’s just a matter of priorities. Lucky, you are if you can hire a guy that can write difficult topics such as what I’ve mentioned above, but of course he/she will need to understand the whole topic before he can write a good quality article.

Let me know your thoughts about this one by commenting down below. Do you write your own content, hire in house writer, or just toss it to a freelance writer?