Outsourcing IT Benefits Your Organisation

IT offshoring has its advantages as well as disadvantages but there are more pros in acquiring IT experts externally than cost cutting alone. If you’re thinking about outsourcing IT but skeptic whether it would result to a success, here’s a list of IT outsourcing benefits. It’s not about remaking the wheel; rather a collective of conclusions drawn from our own understanding. Take a glimpse at how your organisation can benefit from IT outsourcing services.

In-House Efficiency Increases

Offshoring IT missions allows you to save time and concentrate your key resources on principal activities and business tasks. Successful establishments focus on their core proficiency and leave the rest to specialists with knowhow. Your time and attention are limited – don’t waste it on disruptions. What is more, offloading IT work will result in improved morale of your team, advancing their work efficiency. As a legendary business consultant Peter Drucker advised, “do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

Expert Knowledge Access

To some people, especially those techy ones, IT is not rocket science. People that are difficult to find, hard to recruit and keep. IT offshoring allows you access to experts in present technologies in no-time. What is more, staffing, training and accreditation, as well as the job of absorbing them – all rest on the shoulders of your offshoring partner. Access to well-trained external resources gives your organisation a competitive edge, so tap into the knowledge base and use it to spread your horizon.

Make the Most of Security

IT security is a constant process, not a one-time event. It needs audits, studies, evaluations and preserving standards instigated in order to reduce a risk of data loss. A dependable IT outsourcing partner will not only give you proper planning and alleviation of potential risk areas, but also deliver strategic consulting directing at your independence. This permits you to benefit from shifting specific responsibilities in relation to security of your project.

Use Fresh Ideas

A new approach at old ways is always appreciated. As your IT offshoring partner will have experience with various companies, industries, technologies and will therefore be able to offer loads of advice on the use of technology in your business, should you need it. What is more, collaborating with an outsourcing partner is more than hiring a single specialist. You benefit from knowledge met in the entire company. Modernisations, tested and proven procedures, experience of the vendor – all that and much more will aid you unravel problems you have long been struggling with.

Produce More Gains

The focal point of outsourcing IT is to enhance your service, improve productivity of the team and increase quality to what you do. It is one of the recipes for boosting customers’ faithfulness. Outsourcing allows you to outdo competitors and create profit by hastly converting your brilliant thoughts into reality and bringing a value-added proposition.

Make Use of Flexibility

In the continuously changing world of technology, outsourcing grants quickness and flexibility to your business. You can easily bring new labour pool when you need it and let go of it when you’re finished. And if needed, you can effortlessly alter the emphasis of your project. The same applies to shifting to other technologies at your business – your partner will surely adjust to your demands and will be eager to experiment.

Reduce Costs

The most noticeable and the most vital of all benefits – cost savings. When you outsource, you have power over costs of the project. It consents you to budget resourcefully and reduce IT and operational costs, such as those relating to recruitment, office space, infrastructure and many others. Doing the whole thing in-house intensifies expenses. Simultaneously, offshoring permits you to save time and to bring years of experience to jump in new projects right away. Who wouldn’t want to get their tasks done at a lower cost and improved quality?

Understanding IT outsourcing advantages is vital before arriving at any conscious decisions connected to subcontracting your IT project. Putting in mind the above, it could be a great chance to grow your business in several areas. Employing external expert knowledge allows reducing costs of the project, improving efficiency of in-house team and advancing satisfaction of the end customer – just to mention a few of the benefits. But is IT outsourcing really helpful for your company? You do the maths. Nevertheless, next time when seeing IT project outsourcing, you may use this article to strengthen up your decision with some supportive thoughts.

Quick Steps for an Effective Business Strategy

Every year, millions of business owners come up with amazing ideas. And every year, they devote countless hours visualising, forming and re-creating some detailed and thorough strategic plans. Often most of this effort goes to waste as business owners fail to execute through on their own well sort-out plans. Implementation done right is a well-organised process, a logical set of connected actions by an organisation to make a strategy work.

During an interview on Money Talk radio show, Bahaa Moukadam, founder and head coach at SeeMetrics partner, once said “A lot of organisations put great strategies together, but they don’t follow through.” Indeed, statements from the book ‘Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done’ by Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy, support Moukadam’s claim.” In reference to what they wrote, the vital key to suitable execution lies in three core areas namely: people, strategy and operations. They have stated that “The people process is more important than either the strategy or operations processes. After all, it’s the people of an organisation who make judgments about how markets are changing, create strategies based on those judgments, and translate the strategies into operational realities.”

Another powerful and convincing statement was written by Lawrence G. Hrebiniak in his Making Strategy Work: Leading Effective Execution and Change, “Without a careful, planned approach to execution, strategic goals cannot be attained, developing such a logical approach, however, represents a formidable challenge to management.”

Countless entrepreneurs permit themselves to become swept up in putting out fires instead of implementing their plans. Moukadam pointed out that most business owners fail at execution due to lack of an “outline or methodology in place that is repeatable.” These entrepreneurs need to link their strategy to the individual goals of each employee.

Listed below are Bahaa Moukadam’s quick steps to help business owners materialise their business strategies:

Have a Mindset for Clear Priorities

Business owners might fail in implementing their strategy if they set many priorities. Begin with only one priority at a time along with backup initiatives. Having too many priorities is like trying to keep everything in one hand. Then it’s tricky if only one gets emphasised on.

Collect and Carefully Analyse Data

Entrepreneurs often specify assessable goals in their strategic campaigns. But once the implementing process is a wrap, the document might be set on a shelf and not re-entered for quite a long time. A key to safeguarding execution is remaining on top of results. Business owners should enhance key performance indicators or KPIs that can be monitored and measured on an ongoing basis. They need to secure operating data related to these pointers and gauge results on schedule – daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

The superiors should evaluate what’s effectively working and maintain these methods and enhance them to increase performance. With worsening results, they should find out which processes don’t work and make instant adjustments to thwart additional deterioration.

Keep Pacing to Meetings

With no continuous communication, employees can lose sight with an entrepreneur’s goals and purposes. Over time employees, and even the entrepreneur, can veer off course. This leads to deprived results, which can have a disastrous outcome on an organisation. To guarantee that the entire organisation keeps in sync with the business owner’s vision and strategic plan, the workforce should gather periodically for different types of update huddles and meetings.

Daily huddles should take place within operational groups either at the start of the shift or end of shift no more than 15 minutes. Such daily huddles target to safeguard that everyone is on the same page and aware of significant recent progresses such as performance apprises, price changes, new services or products and media reports etc. The daily huddle can deliver rapid-fire updates precisely tailored to the group. The business owner can oversee the daily huddles at small scale businesses. In larger organisations, line managers should take accountability.

Assess the Strategy

The business owner should also meet with the key management personnel and executive team on a monthly or quarterly basis to measure the advancement with the strategic plan. These strategic conferences should be more in-depth and intended to determine if changes are obligatory. The scheduled strategic conferences should discuss assets, challenges, chances and intimidations. They can help executives identify if the strategy’s feasible and efficient. The gatherings should aim to exploit strengths and opportunities while extenuating weaknesses and threats.

Crowdfunding: Smart Business Strategy

Crowdfunding is a business strategy used by startups to fund their projects and for future development. A good example would be SAAS startup companies where they will develop a product that can make things much easier, let’s say sales or lead generation. They will build the core functions that can be used by its users, while it is still in beta process, they will be able to see issues that they can report to the developers for possible fixed. Majority they will be asked to share what’s coming next with their software, and even share their road-maps for upcoming features that will be released for their product.

Basically, you would like to showcase a product that has a great potential or use case so that users will support you in terms of subscribing to a monthly plan or most of the time they offer beta pricing such as lifetime deals for this amount of money. These users are the ones who will test and report for potential bugs, errors, and any problems that they will encounter while using the tool.

The most popular cloud-based apps online ones become a startup as well, although some companies don’t like this strategy as they are ready financially not just technical in terms of building their product, but for those developers who are skilled yet don’t have the funds to complete the project, they can rely on this kind of business strategy. Even I will support a product specially if these can make my workflow easier.

I have also seen startups with great potential in the market being bough by large companies, ten folds their investment because the buyer had seen a great potential with their product. Imagine when this startups became popular and start charging monthly subscriptions as they are mature enough, and for those early adopters who have purchased a lifetime deal feels very proud and happy with their decision to support the developers. Check out ProductHunt website for the list of the most trending and popular SAAS, software, and other tools for business use case.

Outsourcing Payroll – What is It and What are its benefits?

Before learning what outsourcing payroll is, first you need to know what outsourcing is. In this day and age, various businesses have been engaged in various outsourcing services because they find it more cost efficient and effective this way. What outsourcing means is that businesses form partnerships with suppliers and contractors. By working with contractors outside of the business, also referred to as outsourcing, it allows businesses to do more effectively and efficiently. With outsourcing payroll, it simply means that a business trusts an outside contractor or company to handle payroll processes for them.

Why outsourcing payroll?

While payroll processes is a necessity in every business, it doesn’t mean that every business are capable of handling it themselves. There are various factors that a company decides on outsourcing some processes in their business, which also includes payroll processes. It saves money and time, reducing the need for an in-house payroll staff, maintaining the proper software packages, purchasing and even staying compliant with the updated PAYE legislation. The cost effectiveness of outsourcing payroll entirely depends on the complexity of the payroll requirements of the business.

The service degree of outsourcing payroll varies. Some of the supplies provide the barebones service the others also get to deal with all those that are involved, including the one that liaises with the HRMC and at the same time maintaining in full compliance without having the main organization having to deal with the payroll processes.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

First, it will free up a lot of your time from the time-consuming processes when you do the payroll processes yourself. It can free up the time for the staff to do such things and they get to focus more on activities that are more valuable to the company like with revenue-generation. One of the prominent magazines has published that the number one task among small businesses is outsourcing payroll, together with a lot of accounting tasks.

It also reduces the costs with processing payroll. The direct costs of it are quite high when you compare it with outsourcing. It may look impossible, but various research show that small business that has 10 employees spends around $2,600 annually with direct costs of labour linked with payroll. Some would even say that hiring a part time bookkeeper would still cost more, so they prefer outsourcing payroll services.

Businesses also get to avoid the IRS penalties. According with IRS, around 40 percent of the small business pays the average penalty of $845 annually due to incorrect or late payments and filings. Most national services I payroll provide the tax guarantee, which ensures customers will not incur penalties since the providers are taking responsibility for the penalties when it does happen. In a lot of instances, the cost-saving part of outsourcing payroll justifies it all.

It also alleviate pain, too. Payroll done manually can be stressful and a pain to do. In the best case that is what you will only receive, but nightmare can be your gift when it is the worst. Business owners that outsource their payroll eliminate those stressful hours.

Is it okay to Outsource Content Writing of Your Business?

Content writing is not an easy task, but it is crucial for every marketing success as this would be your weapon to compete with your competitors. The higher quality of content you can write and blog, the more likely you will become authority in your chosen niche or topic. Now the question is – is it a good idea to outsource this to someone else or just do it in-house?

The answer to this difficult question really depends on lot of factors, first is the topic or industry. There are certain industries/topics that are very technical and really hard to understand such as lawyers, insurance, debts, credit card, finance, banking, mortgage and so on, just to mention a few. My point is if you are the business owner, you understand these and for sure you can write a comprehensive article in just few hours of typing, because this is your specialty. But what about your newly hired content writer who only knows how to write limited topics that are not hard to understand, of course he or she will have to understand the topic first before he could write a great masterpiece.

Now there you will see the second problem which is, not all business owners have the time to write for their own website content because they are busy with other important priorities to run the business smoothly, that’s where they decide to hire in house content writer or just outsource this to some sort of content writing agencies or services online, but again don’t expect that the quality of the articles they will write will be superb like what kind of material that you can produce.

It is really a difficult decision to make, but then again, it’s just a matter of priorities. Lucky, you are if you can hire a guy that can write difficult topics such as what I’ve mentioned above, but of course he/she will need to understand the whole topic before he can write a good quality article.

Let me know your thoughts about this one by commenting down below. Do you write your own content, hire in house writer, or just toss it to a freelance writer?

Virtual Assistant at Your Service

Business owners can get too excited and overwhelmed in managing the business on their own. It’s a must that they should exert effort in the business with ‘personal touch’ or in layman’s term, being a hands-on entrepreneur should always be the game. But with today’s business modernisation just like Outsourcing and Offshoring, there’s no need to go on juggling different areas of your business. Acquiring a Virtual Assistant will aid and help you to become more efficient as they can get tasks accomplished remotely. Virtual Assistants work and function from an offshore office. Basically, they communicate with their managers and clients through the internet. Hiring a virtual assistant frees up your time, decreases costs and reduces stress. There’s no need to be mindful of logistics, tax issues and benefits, as a third party can very well handle it for you. Business newbies have not taken advantage of offshoring because they think it’s a huge venture that they find it overwhelming plus they are a bit unaware about what responsibilities to delegate.

These are the most common administrative tasks that a virtual assistant can help you with:

Online Planner

Schedule and email management fall in this item. You can have your virtual assistant handle your online calendar. Virtual assistants can arrange appointments with your clients, keep them warm by giving them reminders and follow-ups, and even book flight schedule and hotel reservations. Checking of e-mails takes up most of your time especially in the morning. It’s usually what we do first when we get to work to keep us updated. E-mail accounts receive unimportant mails and could really pile up your mailbox. Ignoring them over time due to your hectic schedule can result to hassle whenever you have the chance of opening your e-mails to check it. It’s just a small thing but can be too much of an interruption once neglected and may affect your productivity. Therefore, a virtual assistant can screen and scan your e-mails, so you can answer to the most important ones immediately; those e-mails that need to be urgently responded and prioritised. You may also have your virtual assistant reply to customer service e-mails, invitations and the likes.

Social Media Manager and Researcher

We all know that the new media or social media is the fastest, efficient, most reachable and easiest source of information that we are enjoying in the present time and could be very beneficial for us in the coming generations. It is indeed significant to establish social media presence for your business – to be known in the industry. It’s an easy task but on the other hand, it can also be very time consuming. Virtual assistant can assist you in set-up and regularly update your social media accounts on your behalf. A skill in writing is a plus factor and with that, you can get them to handle your business’ blogs. Articles and blogs that may showcase your services and may serve a good publicity for you and your company. They can also do numerous research projects for you. Being in the know and keeping up with the industry is being well-maintained. Your virtual assistant can provide you fresher ideas and continuous studies on how to improve the business. Your company will never be left out of the newest trends in the biz as learning is a never-ending process. You are the boss and it will be surely amazing if you have a skilled, highly expert remote assistant to do it for you.

Data Entry and Transcription

Our ancestors left markings all over the world that is very beneficial to the human kind up to this day. We have discovered artefacts and writings over the centuries and those writings have a massive contribution to where and what we are now. (Thanks to them!) And not to sound too geeky about it, I believe I was able to establish how essential writings and information for us. In today’s digital world, where everyone is on the go and everything is fast-paced, it is also and always important not to neglect things that need to be properly documented. Your virtual assistant can do transcription of your digital files; it could be the minutes of the meeting, agendas, interviews and reports. You are sure and confident that you will have more accurate and efficient output. It will be in black and white therefore, it will be easier to pull out whenever you need it.